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Gerald Newton's Story

Gerald's passion for drawing and painting started in childhood.

After leaving school he attended The North Cheshire School of Art and Design, England and studied life drawing, general art, ceramics and photography. After completing this course he did an apprenticeship in printing and although he gained experience he decided this was not exactly the career for him. After some years working for himself as as an artist he decided to return to full time education and attended Plymouth University, Devon, England and studied graphic design. Following this course he attended Falmouth University, Cornwall, England and studied illustration. 

During this course he won a competition by designing wine labels and produced artwork for his very first record cover. Completing the course with distinction he set himself up as a full time freelance artist. His first job was producing monthly cover illustrations for a magazine. He went on to produce a wide variety of artwork for book and magazine publishers. Working alongside writers and poets. He produced record covers for record companies and musicians. Worked for marketing companies, wild life trusts and tourist attractions etcetera. In recent years he has provided jigsaw puzzle and game companies with his colorful, detailed and imaginative art. 

Underwater artwork by Gerald Newton
Eyes of the Universe Version 2

Some of my clients

Here is a list of some of the clients Gerald has worked for

Page 6 Magazine

Café Society Magazine

Sony Records

Cleveland City Records

Solar Records

Dental Records

OTT Management


Shropshire Wildlife Trust

Staffordshire Wildlife Trust


Drayton Manor Park

Priory Publications

New Leaf Publications


Bishop Street Press

Sixty Forty Press

Caxton Press

Entertaining Solutions


Finefare Imports 

Hawkestone Park

Ray's Farm

The National Trust

The Catholic Herald

Trafford Publishing

MA Creative

Hamlyn Design

Shrewsbury Books

Shropshire Magazine

Sherbourne Publications

Quay Audit Limited

Quay Management Limited

Junagarh Media

The Conservative Party

Little Snoring Cards

Image by Design

MGL Licensing

Gotiva Games

Gerald Netwon posing in front of his calendar
Legend of the Mermaid by Gerald Newton
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